Torat Emet





Mincha is at 4:30pm !

Address -  768 27th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121

Phone - 415.676.7029

E-mail -

Welcome to your Spiritual Home !

Torat Emet was founded over 30 years ago in the Richmond District of San Francisco.

It's main focus was to create a synagogue that would always have

  • A Minyan for Shabbat and evening services
  • Prayers would be Timely and on time
  • Jews who need to say kaddish or are a chiyuv and need to be chazzan.  

Till this day there has always been a daily and Shabbat minyan and we hope to continue this tradition for many years to come.

We are the most minyan consistent  Orthodox shul in San-Francisco.  located in the center of the Richmond District, offering daily minyan  for Mincha and Ma'ariv.  We cultivate relationships with God and with each other, striving for spiritual and moral growth. Please join our community for visits, services, and events!


                  Sunday  9:30am -


         Parshah & Jewish Law

                   in My Life"

   By  -   Rabbi Mendel Pil 



 We pride ourselves in having one of the only  evening prayer Minyans in                      San Francisco. 

Mincha -4:30 pm

Ma'ariv.- following Mincha 


    Friday Night 

       Mincha - 4:30pm

       followed by 

        Kabbalat Shabbat .

    Shabbat Day 

       Shacharit - 9am-11am

       Kiddush - 11am-11:30am

    Shabbat Evening 

         Mincha - 1 hour before shabbat ends

        3rd Meal -(small meal with songs)

        Ma'ariv  - (followed by Havdalah)