Torat Emet


 Torat Emet, embodies a  Orthodox philosophy of maintaining our strong commitment to Jewish law and tradition. We offer religious services and educational opportunities that reflect the richness of Judaism. Our congregation especially values its ties to the local community and to the land of Israel

 Only at a minimum a synagogue is a house of prayer. We are the place where Jews come together for community prayer services. Jews can satisfy the obligations of daily prayer by praying anywhere; however, there are certain prayers that can only be said in the presence of a minyan (a quorum of 10 adult men), and tradition teaches that there is more merit to praying with a group than there is in praying alone.

​ Real sanctity of a synagogue for this purpose is second only to The Temple. In fact, in rabbinical literature, the synagogue is sometimes referred to as the "little Temple."

 Asynagogue is usually also a beit midrash, a house of study. Contrary to popular belief, Jewish education does not end at the age of bar mitzvah. For the observant Jew, the study of sacred texts is a life-long task. Thus, Torat-Emet gives classes to allow members of the community to study. It is also the place where children receive their basic religious education.

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